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Calvin can Speak

May 15, 2011

He knows quite a few words now though his pronunciation still needs work.

Ball (‘Boh’)
Bus (‘Bah’)
Eat/ food (‘Mum mum’)
Bubble (‘ba buh’)

He also understands words like ‘Give’, ‘Sit’. More importantly, he knows how to use gestures, pointing, grunting and words to express what he wants. He’s been badgering me for his bubbles every day! He’ll give us the tupperware with puffs so we’ll open it for him. He says ‘car car’ when he wants to go on his stroller to go out/ go somewhere else.

Recently, it seemed like he didn’t want to be fed anymore so we decided to let him self feed everything from his own Ikea bowl and viola! he actually ate much more than I expected and was also able to sit for quite a while during meals.

Today, we brought him out to Changi Airport T3 and he had a great time. For once, I was also able to eat a meal with him in my lap. He was happily fiddling with the spare set of spoon and eating the chunks of apple, carrots and tomato that I brought along. He played at the little playground as well and went looking at his latest favorite – Chuggintons! It was a good outing, we haven’t been able to bring him out easily for a while especially since he’s been sick. Granted he’s coughing and having a drippy nose now but it sure beats the lethargic stomach flu he’s had in the past.


Calvin’s First Tantrum(s)

May 6, 2011

So he’s reached the age where he starts to throw those infamous tantrums. Granted, it’s because he wasn’t feeling well but we definitely had a taste of what’s to come.

He was sick the whole of last Friday till this Monday. First he had a high fever, followed by diarrhoea and gassiness and today he suddenly broke out in rashes all over his body and face. I suspect it’s roseola, which is ok since his rashes doesn’t seem to bother him all. Over the weekend, he was uber clingy towards his daddy, but even when Johnny was carrying him, he would struggle and cry. Most likely his tummy ached from all the gas build up. He was totally implacable. He would wail and squirm regardless of what we did: distract, cajole, bribe, carry around etc.

So we ended up putting him down on his mattress and let him kick and wail in a safe place and get the frustration out of his system. We just sat around and read books and miraculously he did manage to calm himself down after a while and he was just so cheerful after that. At least until the next wave of tummyaches comes around. =(


April 29, 2011

Calvin’s communication skills has improved vastly over the past few weeks. He knows how to use gestures and words to get our attention and attempt to tell us what he wants. I really love the way he grabs our hand to give us some container of food that he wants us to open for him. He will also raise his arms up to indicate he wants to be carried. It’s great to see that satisfied grin on his face that says ‘You got what I meant’.

Even though I’m still worried that he’s a little slow on the development curve, I’m very happy with his progress. Being able to communicate makes him feel so much more like a little boy. In the end, I guess that’s what gives us a deeper connection as humans.

He has really grown so quickly in the past few months especially when I remember that he was just barely able to crawl commando style when he started daycare in January.

While I’m apprehensive about being able to handle life as a stay at home mum abroad, I’m also looking forward to being able to spend time with him when he needs his parents most.

17 Month Update

April 24, 2011

I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit. Calvin has really been changing recently. He is starting to understand how things work and it’s great to see him delighted over simple things like how two cups stack together. Just a quick update on the things he’s been doing. He’s a happy baby recently though also easily frustrated when he realizes that we don’t get what he saying.

  • He understands the action word ‘brush’. He’ll take my hairbrush/comb and run it through his own hair. When I told him to brush his teeth, he took the toothbrush and run it on his hair as well. Ditto to his little baby fork.
  • He learnt to sit down on a little plastic chair.
  • He got a pair of squeaky shoes today and loves them.
  • He enjoys his weekly trip to the Bedok swimming pool.
  • He will hand over a container with food when he wants us to open it for him. Gets really upset if we don’t. If our hands are not facing upwards to receive the box, he will grab one of our hands and flip it the right way.
  • He likes to open and close little containers. It started with this screw top Boon bath toy that can unscrew. He will also hand it over to us if he is unable to open it.
  • Understands and says ‘ba’ = ball, ‘mum mum’ = food, ‘ga ga’ = gai gai/ going out, ‘cup’, ‘pop’, ‘papa’
  • Likes it when I pretend to speak on the phone to him.
  • Squeal delightedly when he sees the opening screen of the BumbleBee DVDs
  • Loves drumming and hammering. Hammering pegs & empty milk container.
  • Likes to open & close drawers
  • Can put balls into a narrow container
  • Imitates what we do. So I’m trying to get him to brush his teeth again.
  • Eating well! Seems to be pretty hungry these past few days. He really enjoys pasta – bolognaise & yogurt garlic. Will kill for grapes and tried golden kiwi for the first time today.
  • Pretty content to be in his stroller. At least it’s being put to good use. Calvin is getting a little too heavy to be carried all the time.
  • Plays chase with his friend Ashton in daycare
  • Very good at climbing stairs & flipping through his board/cloth books. Still crumples the poor abused Maisy books.