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Oh, my Notty Little Boy

July 16, 2011

He was great today when we met up with a few of the ex-NPD gang. Sat and ate pretty well – he definitely likes his dimsum, like mummy like son? Though he had a small meltdown when one of the waitresses made eyes at him, it was pretty all right. He actually sat on my lap for a good amount of time and explored the garden outside for quite a while as well.

The most hilarious event though was when I was talking to the rest and somewhat neglecting him. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw his hands under my chin and I thought he was just fiddling with his little bowl and spoon. Suddenly, he made a sound (was it ‘nose’?) and raised his protruding index finger, right into my nostril! Granted, that’s what he normally does when we ask him where the nose was, but that was uncalled for!

Calvin and Carl

July 15, 2011



Nothing much to update recently except that Calvin is learning very quickly everyday. Yesterday, I found that he can count to two. If I say one, he’ll follow with ‘two’. I doubt he really understands what it means but rote learning is a start. He’s such a charming bundle of giggles now. I hope I can keep him just as happy when we are overseas. I do worry that he will be bored at home with me instead of having his little friends to play with. I still haven’t been able to take a video of him playing with Carl. The other day, Carl was pointing to something at the tree and said some word. Then Calvin walked over, looked up, and started pointing and repeating it as well. It was such an adorable picture of them standing there together. Carl looks about the same size as Calvin even though he’s a few months younger.


July 10, 2011

DSCF3013Apart from words, Calvin is also learning how to make the typical sounds for things like car. Not counting the choo choo, which he thinks refers to the train itself, he can also remember many transportation sounds like ‘beep beep’ (bapeep), ‘vroom vroom’ (broom broom), ‘dee dee dee’ (for reversing truck).

Recently his canines are on the verge of coming out. Not sure it that has affected his appetite or he’s craving for more flavorful food now but he’s not been eating a fantastic amount. He’ll spit out most food after two chews or ‘dejuicing’ them. The funny thing is that he’ll take them out with his hands and return them to me. I guess that’s better than flinging it onto the floor which is what he will do if I look like I have no inclination of taking over the slimy goop. He seems to be quite eager to eat the food that we eat though so maybe he’s just sick of the bland stuff. This weekend, he tasted mutton satay and pizza for the first time. Strangely he even like the tough crust from the leftover pizza the next day. I thought he wasn’t keen to chew but looks like the opposite might be true instead. I guess at this age, he’s more than ready for table food, which I have been giving him in limited quantities anyway.

Calvin the Recalcitrant

July 6, 2011

We are trying to incorporate a little more disciplining in the little boy’s life but so far it has been unsuccessful.

Attempt #1:
When he throws things on the floor, we would go ‘uh-oh’. In the hopes that he will learn that it is wrong.
Result: Now instead of merely throwing things on the floor, he throws them and says ‘uh oh’ repeatedly himself, with zero repentence involved.

Attempt #2:
He did something notty. Think it was either biting his daddy or trying to play with the fan. I gave him what I thought was a stern look and said ‘No no’.
Result: Calvin was highly amused and started giggling.

I can see a very challenging future ahead of me. He is starting to get willful too. He’ll insist on watching more TV or video clips on the ipad (‘More more’, says Calvin) and when we don’t relent, the little whine engine will roar to life.

On the other hand, we are inclined to indulge him in things that doesn’t really matter like if he wants to play with a spoon etc. He is just so adorable right now, we can’t help but give in for small things. I mean if he insists on being carried around, why no? It won’t be long till he wiggles out at any chance he gets and I’d probably miss these days when he enjoys being carried around.

Yesterday, he managed to fall asleep without either of us being in the bed with him. I was sitting on our real bed (sadly unutilized) playing with my ipad while he slept on the mattress on the floor. When I told him to go ‘jiao jiao’, he’ll lie on the pillow and toss and turn. Then he’ll get up and pick out a book for me to read. I relent of course. I’m happy that he loves books. After 1 book, I told him it’s time to ‘jiao jiao’ again. He returns to his pillow and tossing and turning before getting up again for another book. So this went on for about 7 books before he was finally worn out and fell asleep. I’m sure other kids could do this much earlier, but I was beaming with pride anyway.

Mary had a Little… Cow

June 25, 2011

Calvin can join in while I sing. Though that’s restricted to saying ‘star’ when I sing Twinkle, Twinkle. When I sing Mary had a little Lamb and wait for him to complete the lamb word, he would insist that Mary had a cow instead. He can be very persistent.

Just like how he insists that the zebra is a giraffe.
‘Look, Calvin. That’s a zebra’
‘No, it’s a zebra’

You get the gist…