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A New Start

January 1, 2011

2011 somehow sounds like it’s so far into the future but it’s actually here. I guess mentally I’m still in 2001 or something. The last 10 years seem to have gone by so fast. To think that it was 1/3 of my life lived so far. This new year will see a lot of changes to our little family – I’m going back to work; Calvin is starting day care; Johnny will have some kind of job change most likely.

We went back to Malaysia to visit my parents in Dec. The car ride to and fro was surprisingly fine. Calvin is another one of those kids who sleeps well in the car. Not surprising since we are both super sleepers who conks out quickly in moving vehicles. He slept about 2.5 of the 4 driving hours. When he was awake, he’s not too keen on staying in his car seat though which is understandable for a kid as active as him. Plus his seat gets hot from being sat on for long hours. What’s more, the sun was annoying him greatly. I was just glad that I only had to handle his monkeying for short periods =) Traffic was light as expected since we drove on weekdays both ways. We enjoyed the trip a lot. It’s a relief to have my mom take care of him so we can have a little couple time together. I mean we can actually sit down and eat at the same time!!! The food was good too. My mum knows what I like best after all. At the end of the trip, I could visibly see that my tummy was starting to grow fat….. Oh how I wish my parents stay nearby.

As of last week, Calvin really mastered hands and knees style crawling. To the extent that he prefers that now to commando crawl, except when he gets excited and really want to get somewhere fast! He’s also taken quite a few steps while pushing his wagon and holding on to our hands, but he’s definitely not ready to let go of the support right now. I’m just so proud of my little baby, even if he’s showing great biasness and being all sticky to his daddy. We conclude that he prefers guys to girls (especially aunties who googas him). He’s going through separation anxiety with his dad right now and will complain if I take over and carry him. I guess that’s good coz it’ll be easier for me to drop him at the day care since he’s not as sticky towards me.



December 11, 2010

Since he started learning new ways to move himself, baby Calvin has been a happy camper. He can

  • leopard crawl (Expert level);
  • crawl on all fours (Amateur);
  • climb up steps and little obstacles (Intermediate);
  • pull himself up to stand (Expert);
  • cruise around holding onto support(Expert);
  • walk while holding onto a little stool (Intermediate)

But I think at the same time, the new freedom also teaches him his limits and he can get frustrated just as quickly. He’ll do a cute growl which kinda escalates into a roar pretty quickly.

His ‘vocabulary’ has been expanding as well. He’s been making bum bum bum and wah wah wah sounds which are kinda new. Did I mention that he’s really good at making raspberries at us now? ;0)

Down on your Knees

December 8, 2010

My little monster/ monkey is really climbing everywhere now. In fact, he seems to be looking for challenges. If he sees a pillow in his way, his eyes will light up while he clambers on top. He likes to climb over his daddy too. Sometimes in the middle of the night, much to our chagrin.

He has perfected his pull to stand as well, easily getting on his knees from a prone position and slowly moving on his knees, body upright, towards

his support (usually the bed, his cot or any other low lying tables and chairs). He’s also pretty good at climbing up the stairs now. With all the practice on getting on his knees, he has actually crawled on all fours occasionally though for just a few steps at a time, before reverting to his commando crawl again.

We’ve also been giving him practice on getting off the bed in reverse. Not sure if this enhanced his awareness of lateral space, but he seems to have gotten the idea that he can’t just crawl off the bed. So at least he now stops when he reaches the edge, which will give us a chance to redirect him from plunging right down. He still tries to dangle his upper body while trying to reach down for stuff though.

His routine has settled quite well recently so life at home has been quite peaceful though no less tiring. But when I think about him being in infantcare, perhaps crying his little heart out, I do feel a twinge of guilt. After all, I grew up with the privilege of being with my mum all the time. At least the one we will be enrolling him in is quite small. It’s a bit expensive but I feel better knowing that he will likely be getting quality care. I’m gonna take an extra week of leave in Jan to try and settle him in. Let’s hope that it will work out for us.

20 Nov: Me bully my papa? Nah

Another Great Fall :(

November 30, 2010

Calvin had a big fall this morning from his cot. He’s become really adept at pulling himself to stand everywhere, including his cot. So when his papa was getting his milk ready in the other room, he stood up and climbed over and fell off. The poor guy was wailing. This is one of greatest heights he has fallen off. So far, he seems to be ok. Still active and chatty, though a bit whiny today. So we’ve lowered his cot to the lowest setting now but it’s hard to put him to sleep though since he’s reverted back to needing to be carried before falling asleep. Now, we’re trying to let him sleep on the mattress on the floor instead.

He’s been diligently practicing his pull-to-stand skills so I’m kept busy the whole day just trying to keep an eye on him so he won’t fall and hurt himself. It’s getting really tiring and I’m afraid I’ll go insane. I have no time to even prepare his food/milk or go to the loo, not to mention have some breathing space for myself. When I’m pumping and have to leave him inside his exersaucer (the only truly safe place), he gets really upset to be stuck inside. I’ve been so busy running after him that I haven’t had the time or energy to update this blog.

Not to mention, he’s been difficult to feed as well coz his upper teeth are coming out so his appetite has been pretty bad lately.  Sometimes I get frustrated and raise my voice at him, railing, ranting and sometimes even crying. I instantly feel a pang of regret though he doesn’t seem to realize what’s going on. He’s just a little baby after all. At those times, I feel like I’m the worst mummy in the world. Being a parent is just really tough. Being all isolated and having no one to talk to isn’t really helping either.

11 month old!

October 23, 2010


Our little leopard crawler can crawl pretty fast now when he sees something he wants, which in this case is mainly his wet wipe box, his pacifier, the little popping car, different plastic containers of all shapes and sizes (i.e the oblong puffs container, the rectangular raisin box etc). I can almost swear that this boy is just addicted to his pacifier. He’d go to great lengths (literally) to get one in his hands, or rather mouth. The good thing is sometimes when he wakes up at night and his pacifier falls off, he will scoot his hands around to hunt for it and then put it back in. That’s one way of self-soothing I guess…


He’s been calling ‘mama’, ‘papa’, ‘baba’, ‘obama’ almost non-stop recently. I’m not sure if he realizes who/ what they mean though I’m sure some of it is him asking to be carried or for us to pay attention. Now, I just need to figure out which is which. He’s also more communicative in other ways, like making whiny little noises when he *really* need hugs, or moving his mouth to show he’s hungry, pushing away the bottle when he’s had enough or opening his mouth when he wants more. Maybe he’s just trained us well at reading his body language!

Cause and Effect

He’s a little curious bear and loves to see things happen. He knows that the light switches turns on the lights so he always wants us to go over to the switches and flip them for him. (The little switches are too hard for little hands to push). He can also push and pull the door handle of our toilet door and play peekaboo with the toilet mirror. He likes to open and close drawers, or move chairs/trolleys while he’s crawling around.

Playground Debut

He had his first ‘debut’ at the kids playground Peek-a-boo at Leisure Park yesterday. It’s free for babies under 1 year old so we went and checked it out. Unfortunately, he’s a little too young to appreciate it yet since he can’t walk yet. He seemed to have enjoyed himself people watching though. Not sure if it’s because he’s experiencing separation anxiety at the moment, but he seemed rather quiet and shy there. Maybe he’s just overwhelmed by the new place and the many many kids. Seeing him sit there quietly twirling the little beads on a bead chaser, I thought he look so forlorn amidst the rampaging toddlers and kids that my heart really go out to him. I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything, but he looked like a lonely child at the playground who has no one to play with and is looking enviously at the other kids. When he’s older, we’ll definitely bring him out more to interact with other children.

I Can Crawl!

September 29, 2010

No, I don’t mean me but baby Calvin of course. At 8 month corrected age, baby Calvin has started crawling in earnest! When he sees something that interests him which in these days means his wet wipe box, the bottle of Ribena or the fridge, he will commando crawl over to check it out. It’s not quite the full- fledge- tummy- off- the- floor crawl but he’s definitely found a new way of getting around. Given, he still can’t go very far. In fact, when he’s tired, he still goes backwards; if the things are too far away, he’ll even give up or basically get distracted. Still, I feel so proud of my little tot for reaching a new and important milestone. Soon, I think I will be chasing him all over the place, preventing him from doing all sorts of crazy stunts like pulling on the electric cords etc. I have to give some serious thought on how to baby proof a safe crawling zone where I can leave him in for short periods.

He’s also figured out how to press the knob on the little carousel (see picture) to make it spin. And also how to make the Mozart Magic Cube play music. Or at least I assume his smacking of both things are directed and not just random whacks of fancy.