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My Little Walkie Talkie

June 13, 2011

Calvin ‘talks’ so much now that we can hardly remember the times when he used to be very quiet when we are outside. Now, he’ll exclaims and points out to us – ‘Bird bird’,  ‘Car car’, regardless of whether we are indoors or outdoors. One time, I asked Johnny to bring him out for a walk first while I finish dinner. When I was done, I went out to join them and was starting to wonder where they were. And then I heard a strident ‘Bah!’ — aka bus. And sure enough, little Calvin and his papa were at the top of the two flights of stairs, more than 100m away.

This weekend, he started taking many many independent steps forward. He still doesn’t stop trying to walk backwards with his wagon or walk up the stairs while we are holding his hands. When we brought him to the pool yesterday, he didn’t really want us to hold his hands and walk around anymore! The little independent boy wanted to do things his way. That way seems to come with drinking lots of pool water though so he ended up crawling around the little steps of the wading pool and we had to bundle him off before he caught a cold.

Now that he’s walking, I’m starting to worry about how I’ll need to child proof the apartment next time. The one we are getting comes with stairs and that’s a big worry. I wonder how my mom handled us three kids and the stairs last time. Asian people don’t really child proof their houses after all.

Calvin’s First Steps

June 5, 2011

Calvin took his first few independent steps this weekend. When he’s concentrating hard on using both his hands to eat/ play, he’ll stand unsupported as well. He’s been walking all over the house with his little wagon, ice cream truck and even the activity table. But it’s still past my bet that he will walk in May. Rats, I missed that by a couple of days.

Explosion of Words & Walking

May 26, 2011

Little Calvin has been picking up a lot of words recently. It’s like some part of his brain just went ‘click’ and many things started to fall into place. He’s been picking up a lot of new words all of the a sudden. New ones that he can say are:

  • 11. Button       (‘Bah *mumble*’)
  • 12. Apple         (‘Ba ple’)
  • 13. Truck        (‘kuak’)
  • 14. Pop            (in reference to bubbles and one book where Eddie the elephant ‘pops’ out)
  • 15. Cat
  • 16. Cup            (when he wants the water from it)
  • 17. Walk/ Gai gai  (‘Ga ga’)
  • 18. Baby

He can now stand unassisted and has been quite eager to practice walking. When he sees another ledge that he wants to get to, he’ll hold out his hand, waiting for us to lead him over. Maybe the weekly sessions at the swimming pool has helped improved his balance and confidence. So I may still win my bet yet – 6 more days to go!

My Tottering Penguin

March 16, 2011

031211_02He’s still not walking yet but I’m sure he’s now seeing walking as a good tool of transportation (after being carried and rushed around of course). Over the weekend, he started to pull himself up on his little wooden wagon and can walk around all by himself. He was giggling to himself the first time he showed me as he charged towards me on his wagon. Previously when he walked with it, we were always right behind him and trying to slow the pace in case he slips and fall flat on his face or worse… The funny thing is watching him waddle around like a penguin and grinning from ear to ear at the same time (him, not us)

He’s been talking a lot and using his own baby words consistently. Now if only we can figure out what he’s trying to say. Sometimes I vacillate between worrying about him and feeling reassured. I guess this is the point where I feel a little relieved. I’m having a bet with his dad about when he’s finally going to start walking. I’m betting o end May while J is saying second half of April. We’ll see how that goes. At least now, he doesn’t mind his little Pediped shoes anymore. And it seems like he’ll outgrow them soon. Ouch, baby shoes are definitely painful to the pocket, especially considering how often they have to change them. The leather ones easily cost a cool $60 from retail stores though I bought the current ones from overseas for a good discount.

With the likelihood of going overseas, I’m starting to seriously think about how to cut our expenses especially when we are there. His stipend will likely only cover rent and our health insurance so the rest of the living expenses will have to come out of our savings. At least we’re not going into debt over this. Anyway, we’ll know for sure in one month’s time but it looks like we’ll be having our little adventure soon.

15 Months Old

February 24, 2011

Life has been hectic and there’s very little me time as it is. And despite that, I still sometimes feel like there is more that I could do for my little Calvin that I’m not doing and it makes me feel like I’m a lousy mom. I guess part of that is because he seems to be lagging behind in the major milestones.

  • Flipping at 3 month CA
  • Sitting up w/o support at 5 month CA
  • Leopard crawling at 9 month CA, crawling on fours at 11 month
  • Pull to standing position at 10 month CA

His gross motor seems to be ok. His day care teacher was saying they were concerned that he wasn’t walking yet but I think he’s fine. I’m more worried about his social development.

What he isn’t doing yet that other kids do:

  • Wave goodbye
  • Say ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ to the correct parent
  • Pincer grasp (can’t believe after all those months of puff eating, still no pincer grasp!)
  • Walk
  • Point at things that interest him
  • Follow simple instructions

What he can do:

  • Play hide and seek. Mainly we hide and he seek
  • Put things into containers. So far it’s the tennis balls into its canister
  • Has temper tantrums when frustrated. Over the weekend, he threw a totally classic tantrum – flop backwards from sitting position (I was there to catch him), flailing his arms and kicking his legs. Pretty amusing to watch 🙂
  • Turns the pages of a book
  • Peek out through ‘holes’ in the book


His PD at KKH says he’s pretty on track in terms of milestones as of now when we voiced our concerns about those things that he’s unable to do now. I guess we’ll monitor and continue to encourage him to talk and interact with us. Recently he’s been a really chirpy and chatty baby so that kinda puts me at ease a little.

A New Start

January 1, 2011

2011 somehow sounds like it’s so far into the future but it’s actually here. I guess mentally I’m still in 2001 or something. The last 10 years seem to have gone by so fast. To think that it was 1/3 of my life lived so far. This new year will see a lot of changes to our little family – I’m going back to work; Calvin is starting day care; Johnny will have some kind of job change most likely.

We went back to Malaysia to visit my parents in Dec. The car ride to and fro was surprisingly fine. Calvin is another one of those kids who sleeps well in the car. Not surprising since we are both super sleepers who conks out quickly in moving vehicles. He slept about 2.5 of the 4 driving hours. When he was awake, he’s not too keen on staying in his car seat though which is understandable for a kid as active as him. Plus his seat gets hot from being sat on for long hours. What’s more, the sun was annoying him greatly. I was just glad that I only had to handle his monkeying for short periods =) Traffic was light as expected since we drove on weekdays both ways. We enjoyed the trip a lot. It’s a relief to have my mom take care of him so we can have a little couple time together. I mean we can actually sit down and eat at the same time!!! The food was good too. My mum knows what I like best after all. At the end of the trip, I could visibly see that my tummy was starting to grow fat….. Oh how I wish my parents stay nearby.

As of last week, Calvin really mastered hands and knees style crawling. To the extent that he prefers that now to commando crawl, except when he gets excited and really want to get somewhere fast! He’s also taken quite a few steps while pushing his wagon and holding on to our hands, but he’s definitely not ready to let go of the support right now. I’m just so proud of my little baby, even if he’s showing great biasness and being all sticky to his daddy. We conclude that he prefers guys to girls (especially aunties who googas him). He’s going through separation anxiety with his dad right now and will complain if I take over and carry him. I guess that’s good coz it’ll be easier for me to drop him at the day care since he’s not as sticky towards me.


December 11, 2010

Since he started learning new ways to move himself, baby Calvin has been a happy camper. He can

  • leopard crawl (Expert level);
  • crawl on all fours (Amateur);
  • climb up steps and little obstacles (Intermediate);
  • pull himself up to stand (Expert);
  • cruise around holding onto support(Expert);
  • walk while holding onto a little stool (Intermediate)

But I think at the same time, the new freedom also teaches him his limits and he can get frustrated just as quickly. He’ll do a cute growl which kinda escalates into a roar pretty quickly.

His ‘vocabulary’ has been expanding as well. He’s been making bum bum bum and wah wah wah sounds which are kinda new. Did I mention that he’s really good at making raspberries at us now? ;0)