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Last day of the school year

June 27, 2019

It feels like this year passed quickly. In two more years, he’ll begin secondary school, which kinda terrifies me.

This summer, we are going to explore more of his interests. Hoping to go deeper into robotics and electrical circuits. He wants to climb trees and practice shooting a bow. I’m hoping to do a bit more cooking with him.

We have been painting together this past week. I think we’ll need to practice either holding off on beginning till we hear all the instructions or just go free exploration first and then talk about the techniques. I have a feeling the second would be more appealing but in reality, school would be more like the first.


Skinned Knee

June 24, 2019

I had my first skinned knee from biking and a first in many many years. We’ve been biking around the empty parking lot nearby and I was trying to make sharper turns, after being inspired by a video I saw on biking skills. Obviously my balance needs to improve first before I should attempt that. It was still fun to ride a bike though the skinned knee is a big annoyance for a week.

Validating My Choices

June 18, 2019

I recently thought about how my staying at home has positively affected my little C. He’s a wiggly guy, who’s very creative but doesn’t do well with verbal instructions. He wouldn’t do well in a structured environment for most of the day, from school, to after care, and then to Summer camp and enrichment classes. I think he might still be happy, but he’ll also be stressed from not having enough down time.

He wouldn’t have started to enjoy math and may not begin to think of himself as competent in it.

I wouldn’t be able to curate all the wonderful books I’ve introduced him to. I cringe to think he’d be stuck reading Dork Diaries and Captain Underpants.

To make sure he learns some Chinese, we’d have to sacrifice Saturdays for Chinese lessons.

He may not be able to have as many playdates with his best friend and cultivate that deep friendship. And I, too, wouldn’t be able to cultivate such a deep friendship with him, which would be a shame and which I’m hoping would weather is through the potentially tumultuous teenage years.

In the end, this was exactly what I knew I wanted when I was young. I knew that if I had a child, I would like to have time to teach him/ her and pass on my values. Now, more than ever, I truly believe I’ve made the right choice for us. It may be different for other – some kids thrive with structured activities and meeting multitudes of people. I’m glad that I was able to make this choice and keep my little free spirited goblin unfettered for a little longer.

June 13, 2019

So last Saturday, we had another classic misunderstanding between me and Little C. He thought I was repudiating his methods for practicing karate when I was talking about how he shouldn’t try to complicate deliberate practice in basics by doing it in kata firm where many other factors will make it harder

Notes on Practice

June 13, 2019

Use gestures to save time

Have names for basic drills

Use description and modelling to make things clear.

Serious Boy

June 13, 2019

I’m heartened to see him seriously working on his karate in class today. I guess he did take my feedback to heart. He’s definitely a good boy but very easily distracted. He has a lot of symptoms of the inattentive type of ADHD, like daydreaming, unable to focus even when he’s trying, fidgety, careless….

Summer “camp”

May 31, 2019

We have not signed up for any camps this year as always. I was curious and looked up the cost of the traditional outdoor sleepover camps that some parents at his school said were “not as expensive”. Let’s just say – mind blown! USD 700 for a week of camp. (Wait was that 7 days or 5 days….)

I had my own crazy idea of doing themed projects we are interested in and maybe even inviting a friend over to work on something together. We could definitely do robotics and programming with minimal extra materials needed.

On the other hand, we don’t really have to anything except chill, read, ride bikes but it would be nice to work on some projects so boredom doesn’t set in too soon.

Shiny Car

May 26, 2019

Over the weekend, we actually washed our car after long last. It happened like maybe three times in the past year. And for the very first time, in our history of owning five cars, we waxed our car! It’s all shiny and I can’t help but ooo and aaah over it.


May 24, 2019

Chinese is definitely a second language for little C, since we barely speak it at home and he obviously does not need any at school. We’ve managed to persevere with reading a Chinese book after school and our own at home Chinese lessons. While he definitely know less than the kids back in Singapore and Malaysia, I’m proud that he is able to understand enough to watch Doraemon cartoons and can read short passages in our textbook. And most importantly, that he still enjoys learning more.


May 20, 2019

Our little guy is on the timid side so I’m really hoping he would have a chance to take more risks and learn to be okay with failure. Both me and J are pretty risk adverse so it’s hard for me to even encourage this but I think my fear of him falling down shouldn’t hold him back from discovering what his body can really do. In reality, little kids recover quickly from most injuries so apart from the really outrageous, it is really fine to experiment a little.

Inspired by yet another book I’m reading about how boys take more risks when they are in a group, it raises the point that it’s better that they do risky activity supervised rather than a innocuous sounding activity unsupervised, with their friends.

At this point, I’m more worried that he would exclude himself from games because he is afraid of taking the risks that other boys tend to enjoy. I mean I like that he stays safe but learning to take calculated risks is a good thing.

So one of the things we did over the weekend was for him to learn how to jump down from a high place. I was making bread so didn’t go but it looks like father and son had a good time. J came back with woodchips on his sweater from demonstrating a jump and roll? Little C seemed more confident in himself. Now I’ll have to think of more challenges to push him to take up 😆

P.s a few days later, C reported that he’s glad that he can now jump off when playing tag instead if trying desperately to find another way down the play structure.

I thought over it and I think our next challenge is to climb trees. He is definitely interested. Now to find an appropriate tree to do this.

P.p.s Found one at a park nearby and he managed to climb up a bit. Still seems to make him nervous but he’s getting better at using his arms to pull himself up.