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Week 3

December 13, 2009

Baby Calvin is growing much faster than we had dared hoped for. After 2 days of no weight gain at all, he suddenly put on about 200g in the last 3 days. As of this afternoon, his weight is 2.01 kg and has passed the 2 kg weight target! He grows in such spurts that I wonder if it’s a measurement error on the 2 days where he registered no weight gain at all. He’ll still have to wait at least another week to hit the 35th gestation week but it looks like he will definitely be coming home end of next week!

Meanwhile, the nurses in KK have been introducing him to bottle feeding. Previously, he was tube fed which is a tube that is inserted through the mouth or nose and leads directly into his stomach. At the beginning, he was rather slow at feeding from the bottle. Perhaps it was partly due to the tube that was strapped to his mouth, preventing his tongue from closing properly on the bottle. He would bottle for about half his feed before tiring out completely and the rest would be fed through the tube. After they shifted his tube from the mouth to the nose, he improved greatly and was finally able to finish most of his meals from the bottle.

So today, they finally removed his tube completely so looks all normal again! I’m starting to worry a little about taking care of him by myself at home. We have a maid, but I really won’t trust Calvin to anyone. But all I need to do should be feed, bathe and change his diapers right? How hard can that be? It might take the whole day and I’d be completely exhausted but it doesn’t sound like something I can’t cope with.

I tried latching Calvin directly today at the hospital with a little success. I’m hoping he will be able to continue feeding directly. Bonding aside, I’m thinking more of  saving myself some time an energy. Otherwise, I’d have to first express the breastmilk, transfer it to a bottle, then bottlefeed him and have to clean and sterilize bottles and the pump all the time. Much better prospect if he can go right to the production line and cut out the middle man. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and keep trying. If nothing else, I guess I can always be his human pacifier…

2 Weeks Old

December 6, 2009

It seems like a long time has passed but it has only been 2 weeks since baby Calvin was born. He’s still in the Special Care Nursery and will be there for at least another 2 weeks though probably longer. KKH’s policy is that they will discharge their preemie patients when (1) they hit 35 weeks gestation,  (2) they are 2kg in weight and (3) is able to be bottle fed completely.

Calvin on 5th Dec 09

Calvin was born 1.63kg. After birth, he lost about 100g or 6% of his weight  which is normal for both full term and pre-term babies. Right now, his weight is about 1.71kg so unless he’s going to have a growth spurt, he’ll most likely be home after another 3 weeks. So far, He did not exhibit any of the common preterm symptoms like apnea (stop breathing temporarily), ROP (poor development of the retina),  chronic lung disease etc and hopefully will continue to be free of the common problems that plague preemies. So far, he seems to be doing fine. My only gripe is that he’s not growing fast enough for me to being him home sooner! They recently introduced the bottle to him. He was sucking quite well on it though he gets tired from the exertion.

As for me, I recovered rapidly from childbirth (read about Calvin’s birth story here) and was discharged from the hospital after 2 days. Thereafter, my main duty is to provide milk for Calvin. It was really tiring initially, I was spending about 8 hours every day pumping, including in the middle of the night. It was pretty much a 8 hour work day everyday except there is no concept of weekends to look forward to. So 8 hours of work, 7 hours of sleep, 2 hrs to go visit Calvin and the remaining 7 hours for eating, washing and sterilizing, random daily ablutions etc. I felt like I was in some military camp, following a strict schedule of work, sleep and little time for myself. After 2 weeks, I’ve adjusted to this life after 2 weeks though I’m still a slave to the 2hr pumping schedule. I can imagine that if baby was at home with me, I’d probably be exhausted and stressed out. On the bright side of things, because baby Calvin is at the hospital, I actually got some reprieve to recover and get adjusted to the new life style without having a demanding baby around.

It looks like our lives from now on will revolve around little baby Calvin but I’m actually really looking forward to that.