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Running Out of Ideas

November 7, 2010

Man, it’s tough to think up new things for him to eat these days. I tried brown rice porridge today but he made a very confused and upset face. I guess firstly because he has only really eaten chilled food (not my choice, he just refuse to have anything to do with warm or room temperature food…) and secondly, it’s much lumpier than what I usually feed him. He’s been quite receptive to small bits of lumpy food recently (rice, puffs, small chunks of mango, chunks of watermelon, baby biscotti) that I was getting optimistic about him accepting porridge.  Alas, despite him surprising me at how good he is at feeding himself finger food, porridge was still a no go. I guess I’ll try it again, maybe with a more watery texture next time.

Maybe I’m just tired but I find it hard to think of ways to entertain him sometimes. Especially since he is now up for longer periods. Sometimes, I feel that he is bored with being at home so we’ve been bringing him out the past few days to let him look around. His stranger anxiety seems to have improved slightly. He’s now ok with the maid carrying him for a while, granted it’s still not something she does on a regular basis. She’s busy enough with household chores anyway. Plus I’m a possessive mum. Though I have to say I’m somewhat looking forward to going back to work and taking a break from being a stay at home mum for a while.


Random Update at 5am

November 3, 2010

Phew, after giving him lots of fluids, he seemed to have shaken off the cold after one day.

We brought him to the playground at Kallang again. This time there were very few kids around, so we could safely put him down to crawl around without risking him getting trampled. Most of the time, he was still just chilling out and taking in the new environment. While I went off to Cold Storage to pick up some things, apparently a little girl came over and ‘flirted’ with him – touching her nose to his and giving him a hug (though it ended up as a head squeeze coz he was that much smaller than her). Apparently, he didn’t seem to have really minded. So either he was just totally stunned to speechlessness or his stranger anxiety doesn’t apply to kids (or at least little girls)


He’s now a little amateur cruiser. He still has a bad habit of leaning his upper body over to wherever he wants to go before his feet will follow. So I hover around him anxiously, trying to catch him in case he falls and hits his head. This guy obviously knows no fear. The other day he tried to crawl off the bed without even hesitating when he reached the edge. He just continued crawling into space. His papa was right there to catch him of course. He’s still not quite skilled at pulling himself to stand though. Most of the time, he can probably just get on his knees.


Looks like he’s finally opening up to taking more solids. Now I can manage to feed him about 2/3 of a jar of baby food before he’s had enough. He seems to really enjoy the taste of beef stock. He’s one strange baby…well, whatever rocks his boat. As long as he’s eating, I’m happy. Yesterday, I tried to give him some rice grains from my finger while I was having lunch. To my surprise, he actually ate it and was keen to try more. He’s still fussy about the texture of food that I feed him though. Maybe it was because the rice was in very small quantities. Or maybe he just enjoyed being a big boy, eating from the same plate as his mummy. Looks like I have something else to occupy him while we have our meals. Whee!


It’s been a real joy taking care of him now that he’s more mobile. He’s a lot more contented though still quite clingy and needs lots of attention. At least it’s not as mind numbing and tiring as having to carry him around aimlessly.

I’ve been supplementing him with some formula milk recently even though my supply is still sufficient to satisfy his daily needs. I’m thinking of dragging the time between pumps again. Especially the one in the wee hours. When I start work, I’ll really need the extra hours of sleep since I can’t nap during the day. Currently, I’m still pumping 6 times daily so hopefully I can drop the middle of the night pump and eventually move on to 4 times when I start work. Not sure when I’ll totally quit my cow-ing career, guess I’ll just keep going until I can’t take it any more 🙂

Separation Anxiety and Another Cold?!?

October 29, 2010

Little Calvin is experiencing separation anxiety. Sometimes at night, he wakes up and won’t get pacified by his daddy. The moment I rush in and scoop him into my arms instead, he calms down and falls back asleep. Mind you, his eyes were still closed so I wonder if it’s the smell of me that he recognizes or is it the comparative softness of my hug. This gets a bit worse when he falls sick.

He’s also getting wary of strangers. If one just as much as smile at him, he’ll make an unhappy whimper or scrunch up his face and threaten with a hint of loud wailing. It’s quite funny but he has varying degrees of comfort with people. For example, he is very happy to let my father in law carry and play with him; sometimes he cries when my mother in law carries him; he doesn’t let Helen, our maid, carry him but he’ll smile at her when she talks to him while in my arms; he was upset with my auntie in law touching him even while in my arms. I guess the good thing is, this means that he has formed a strong attachment with me and Johnny.

Anyway, bad news is that he seemed to have picked up another cold? I caught him with a runny nose yesterday and have been trying to feed him with lots of water (gave him a little bit of the barley water I made also. It’s yum!) Hopefully this one won’t be as tough as the last.

11 month old (Part II)

October 25, 2010

It’s funny how parents talk in a totally different language. It’s quite stunning how my life now revolves around him, milestones, poo, milk intake… words that have no meaning to me as a non-parent and things that I found to be so mundane and boring. Thank goodness I’m still staying far, far away from the dreaded word called ‘enrichment’.  He’s definitely not going for any structured classes any time soon. I just wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole. I won’t mind bringing him to a baby gym or something where he can tumble around safely though.

Anyway, I just remembered a few more things he’s been doing recently.

Pincer Grasp

I’ve been giving him Happy Baby Puffs during meal times to keep him occupied and also to try and train his pincer grasp. I thought seeing us eat would inspire him to chew as well. So far he’s still eating only puree-d food. Anything with lumps is auto-rejected or worse, he will gag and throw everything up. So far, he’s had some success putting in the little puffs into his mouth though it’s still more or less by trail and error. Most of the time he still grabs the little puffs with his fists. But hey, practice makes perfect. At least he managed to chew on them a little too.


He’s been practicing how to pull to a standing position from a sitting position…. while he’s in the bath. He’s getting quite good at putting his foot under him but definitely still needs a bit of work.


He really does take a while to warm up to his toys. Finally after so long, he’s playing with all the little toys on his exersaucer. He started with being interested only with the sunflower teether. Then gradually moving on to the others like the spinning girl, and peekaboo dog house and now the little see saw that makes sounds when he pushes on it. I’ve been buying him more new toys recently coz I think he’s getting bored with his old ones. Maybe I’m going a bit overboard. Shucks, I’ll never be a minimalist! Both me and him are definitely pack rats by nature. At least I did manage to declutter a bit by selling off some of his old stuff that he no longer uses. More funds for more toys!

Here’s a picture of the cheeky monkey

13 Oct: I'm a Cool Boy


11 month old!

October 23, 2010


Our little leopard crawler can crawl pretty fast now when he sees something he wants, which in this case is mainly his wet wipe box, his pacifier, the little popping car, different plastic containers of all shapes and sizes (i.e the oblong puffs container, the rectangular raisin box etc). I can almost swear that this boy is just addicted to his pacifier. He’d go to great lengths (literally) to get one in his hands, or rather mouth. The good thing is sometimes when he wakes up at night and his pacifier falls off, he will scoot his hands around to hunt for it and then put it back in. That’s one way of self-soothing I guess…


He’s been calling ‘mama’, ‘papa’, ‘baba’, ‘obama’ almost non-stop recently. I’m not sure if he realizes who/ what they mean though I’m sure some of it is him asking to be carried or for us to pay attention. Now, I just need to figure out which is which. He’s also more communicative in other ways, like making whiny little noises when he *really* need hugs, or moving his mouth to show he’s hungry, pushing away the bottle when he’s had enough or opening his mouth when he wants more. Maybe he’s just trained us well at reading his body language!

Cause and Effect

He’s a little curious bear and loves to see things happen. He knows that the light switches turns on the lights so he always wants us to go over to the switches and flip them for him. (The little switches are too hard for little hands to push). He can also push and pull the door handle of our toilet door and play peekaboo with the toilet mirror. He likes to open and close drawers, or move chairs/trolleys while he’s crawling around.

Playground Debut

He had his first ‘debut’ at the kids playground Peek-a-boo at Leisure Park yesterday. It’s free for babies under 1 year old so we went and checked it out. Unfortunately, he’s a little too young to appreciate it yet since he can’t walk yet. He seemed to have enjoyed himself people watching though. Not sure if it’s because he’s experiencing separation anxiety at the moment, but he seemed rather quiet and shy there. Maybe he’s just overwhelmed by the new place and the many many kids. Seeing him sit there quietly twirling the little beads on a bead chaser, I thought he look so forlorn amidst the rampaging toddlers and kids that my heart really go out to him. I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything, but he looked like a lonely child at the playground who has no one to play with and is looking enviously at the other kids. When he’s older, we’ll definitely bring him out more to interact with other children.