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December 11, 2010

Since he started learning new ways to move himself, baby Calvin has been a happy camper. He can

  • leopard crawl (Expert level);
  • crawl on all fours (Amateur);
  • climb up steps and little obstacles (Intermediate);
  • pull himself up to stand (Expert);
  • cruise around holding onto support(Expert);
  • walk while holding onto a little stool (Intermediate)

But I think at the same time, the new freedom also teaches him his limits and he can get frustrated just as quickly. He’ll do a cute growl which kinda escalates into a roar pretty quickly.

His ‘vocabulary’ has been expanding as well. He’s been making bum bum bum and wah wah wah sounds which are kinda new. Did I mention that he’s really good at making raspberries at us now? ;0)


Down on your Knees

December 8, 2010

My little monster/ monkey is really climbing everywhere now. In fact, he seems to be looking for challenges. If he sees a pillow in his way, his eyes will light up while he clambers on top. He likes to climb over his daddy too. Sometimes in the middle of the night, much to our chagrin.

He has perfected his pull to stand as well, easily getting on his knees from a prone position and slowly moving on his knees, body upright, towards

his support (usually the bed, his cot or any other low lying tables and chairs). He’s also pretty good at climbing up the stairs now. With all the practice on getting on his knees, he has actually crawled on all fours occasionally though for just a few steps at a time, before reverting to his commando crawl again.

We’ve also been giving him practice on getting off the bed in reverse. Not sure if this enhanced his awareness of lateral space, but he seems to have gotten the idea that he can’t just crawl off the bed. So at least he now stops when he reaches the edge, which will give us a chance to redirect him from plunging right down. He still tries to dangle his upper body while trying to reach down for stuff though.

His routine has settled quite well recently so life at home has been quite peaceful though no less tiring. But when I think about him being in infantcare, perhaps crying his little heart out, I do feel a twinge of guilt. After all, I grew up with the privilege of being with my mum all the time. At least the one we will be enrolling him in is quite small. It’s a bit expensive but I feel better knowing that he will likely be getting quality care. I’m gonna take an extra week of leave in Jan to try and settle him in. Let’s hope that it will work out for us.

20 Nov: Me bully my papa? Nah

Bookworm in the Making

December 8, 2010

Baby Calvin loves books. We’ve been reading to him since he was a wee one even when he didn’t seem responsive to what we’ve read to him. About a month ago, we discovered that he can actually flip the pages himself. We intially thought that he was trying to close the book and was wondering why he kept closing his favorite book while we were reading it. That’s another step towards independence for him.  At least when he’s bored with the book, he can just flip through them very fast instead of getting impatient and distracted while waiting for us to be done with it; and he can linger on the pages he’s interested in. It’s kinda like being on a free and easy tour as opposed to a packaged tour 🙂

I brought him to the library last week. It’s my 3rd solo trip out with him though it’s just a quick bus ride to Bedok. But at least I can get out of the house! We got him his very own library card. I have to say I was a bit worried about how disinterested he was in those touchy, feely books initially, but now his favorite is this Maisy (yes, Maisy does it again for him) lift the flap. After the first few reads, it’s apparent that he can even remember where the flaps are. I just love to see him standing there flipping his books with serious concentration and I marvel at what a big boy he looks. Except that now, he seems to be more interested in the act of flipping more than the reading itself. We can barely even finish one sentence before he flips to the next page…

Another Great Fall :(

November 30, 2010

Calvin had a big fall this morning from his cot. He’s become really adept at pulling himself to stand everywhere, including his cot. So when his papa was getting his milk ready in the other room, he stood up and climbed over and fell off. The poor guy was wailing. This is one of greatest heights he has fallen off. So far, he seems to be ok. Still active and chatty, though a bit whiny today. So we’ve lowered his cot to the lowest setting now but it’s hard to put him to sleep though since he’s reverted back to needing to be carried before falling asleep. Now, we’re trying to let him sleep on the mattress on the floor instead.

He’s been diligently practicing his pull-to-stand skills so I’m kept busy the whole day just trying to keep an eye on him so he won’t fall and hurt himself. It’s getting really tiring and I’m afraid I’ll go insane. I have no time to even prepare his food/milk or go to the loo, not to mention have some breathing space for myself. When I’m pumping and have to leave him inside his exersaucer (the only truly safe place), he gets really upset to be stuck inside. I’ve been so busy running after him that I haven’t had the time or energy to update this blog.

Not to mention, he’s been difficult to feed as well coz his upper teeth are coming out so his appetite has been pretty bad lately.  Sometimes I get frustrated and raise my voice at him, railing, ranting and sometimes even crying. I instantly feel a pang of regret though he doesn’t seem to realize what’s going on. He’s just a little baby after all. At those times, I feel like I’m the worst mummy in the world. Being a parent is just really tough. Being all isolated and having no one to talk to isn’t really helping either.

Baby Calvin Is 1!

November 22, 2010

It was his birthday yesterday. As you may know, we’re not the kind who celebrates special occasions so we didn’t plan some big bash like I see so many parents doing. After all, he won’t even know what’s going on. My father in law bought a cake for him. Calvin was so upset when the adults all gathered around him and started singing ‘Happy Birthday’. In his mind, he was probably thinking ‘ What the hey is going on here?’

Maybe he does know that it was a special day coz he was squealing loudly almost the whole day. He also had his first shopping cart ride and seemed fairly ok with it.

He also loves to read/ be read to. His all time favorite is still Maisy. It’s a shame most of the Maisy books are not in board book form. He’s now an expert page turner but he’s still a bit grabby so paper pages still suffer from creases and the occasional tear. I’ve started leaving soft books in his cot and play area. Yesterday, he woke up from his afternoon nap and was happily reading his book while muttering to himself all the way.

He’s such a little monkey who likes to climb up anything. If he sees a pillow or a pack of diapers or his mummy and daddy lying on the floor, he’ll try his utmost to clamber over them instead of going around.  He can even climb up the stairs a bit. Haha I’m using that as physical activity to tire him out.

He’s been sleeping better recently after I decided to drop his last nap. He’s been able to stay up for longer hours so for the past week, he’ll wake up from his afternoon nap at 4pm and then by 8/9pm, he’ll be totally pooped out and ready to hit the sack. Somehow that seemed to have helped curb his frequent night wakings. Not that he’s not waking up at all but it’s more manageable now. His daddy is doing a good job taking care of him at night while his mama sleeps on the couch with ear plugs on >.< He’ll probably continue to wake up for a while more. Maybe if he switched to formula milk he will sleep better. Then again, he can probably start on whole cow’s milk soon, which I personally feel tastes much better than powdered milk.

I’m still pumping 6 times a day though I’m trying to drop at least the middle of the night pump now. Yes, I’ve been waking up at the ungodly hour of 4am every night. Can you imagine that I’ve done that for a year now? But that one will have to stop since I’m going back to work soon. I’ll probably try to continue pumping out whatever I can even when I start work. This guy still loves breastmilk more than anything else, though he’s a bit more receptive of this other brand of FM I’ve occasionally spiked his normal milk with. I’ve needed to supplement a bit for the past 2 months since his appetite has been increasing.

I would have liked to give him more solids but he’s just not into taking any more than what I’m giving him. His favorite food is still yoghurt so I’ve been giving him one meal of that every day. He can finish a 500ml tub of yoghurt with 2-3 jars of fruit puree every week. His other meal is still a bit of a headache though he surprised me by being quite receptive to my failed oatmeal with salmon porridge. (That just turned out to be a big gooey mess…)

I hope he had a fun time yesterday. He woke up later in the middle of the night than usual this morning — 4:45am is certainly a record for him! And that’s with only 100ml of milk before his bed time instead of his usual 160ml. I’m not counting on him repeating his performance. We’re happy enough that he wakes up just for food and not be in his inconsolable wailing phase.