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Almost 6 Month Old

May 20, 2010

Tomorrow, he’ll be turning 6 months old. I didn’t realize that it’s been half a year since I’ve stopped working. Some of the things that he can do now are:

– Loves to sit up with our support

– Still enjoys tummy time though not as much now that his favorite is sitting up

– Loves to be read to while sitting in our lap

– Explores his hands with his mouth

– Explores our hands with his mouth (Yes, he grabs our fingers and then licks it)

– Knows how to hold objects with both hands

– Passes his toys from one hand to the other

– Can see across the room and often follow me with his eyes while I putter around the room

– Smiles happily when we look at him

– Recognize his bottle

– Can hold his sippy cup and shove it in his mouth (but don’t think he’s really drinking from it?)

– Opens his mouth for the spoon

– Attempting to chomp on the teething tablets with his toothless gums! (we were really surprised, coz previously he kinda pushes it out with his tongue. But yesterday, we heard a definite munching sound. So I guess all the silly sounds of me going ‘ahm ahm ahm’ while eating food in front of him paid off)

– Laughs when being tickled near the armpit and feet, when we make funny faces, hearing me crunch rice crackers, lifted up by the chest, seeing his reflection, sometime no apparent reason at all.

Things that are still work in Progress:

– Seems to be trying to flip from back to tummy

– Trying to crawl but usually fall flat on the face

14 May: Sippy Cup and Hand - I like both


May 17, 2010

I started Calvin on semi-solids on Sunday. I gave him Happy Bellies Organic Rice cereal and he liked it. He’s about 1 week shy of 6 months so I thought I would start a bit since he has been showing interest when I put food into my mouth and chomp them up. Today, I was eating a rice cracker and making deliberate ahm ahm sounds in front of him while crunching it. He laughed so loudly like it was the funniest thing in the world. Such a silly baby. I can’t wait to introduce more food to him =)


May 15, 2010

Oops, looks like I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while. I keep starting posts and not finishing them.

My little bub is always showing us new and delightful (and also horrific) things every day. He’s been laughing and chuckling delightfully, especially when he play peek-a-boo with him or tickle him or hold him up and swing him about.

Recently he’s been drooling lots and is happily chomping his hands and many things that he can fit into his mouth.  And that sometimes includes my fingers if he’s holding on to it. He’ll use his little tongue and lick me. Haha, it really tickles though it reminds me of our dog Oreo. I suspect that he might be beginning to teeth as he’s been having terrible sleep at the same time. He used to be able to sleep at least frm 9pm till 3/4 am but he has been waking up every hour making piteous little cries. The past few days were ok though, so I’m wondering if it’s him getting used to teething, or was it just too hot for him to sleep previously. He sweats profusely at night in his cot, especially his head. Sometimes, he kicks around so much that his whole pillow will be soaked. We’ll have to carry him for a while, not so much because he really needed cuddles but more to let him cool down a bit. We don’t really like to turn on the aircon though coz he seems to have a sensitive nose and will get all stuffy from the dry air conditioned air.

I’m turning 29 soon. I actually thought I was hitting the big 3 but looks like it’ll be another year. Not that it really matters, I mean it’s a fact that people grow old. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. When I think of the fact that by the time Calvin finishes primary school, I’d already be 40, and it just seems so old… and when he’s finally independent at 25, I’d be 50+. Gee… I wonder what I’ll be doing then.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m really an under-achiever, I’m just happy and contented to have my little family. Especially in the Singapore context, where climbing the corporate ladder means you’ll have to slog and work overtime most of the time. Somehow that just doesn’t seem worth it. I’d rather have a more balanced lifestyle and just be happy. It’s not like we really need lots of money anyway — for one, I’m a horrible shopper and a miser, just look at the pathetic amount of loot I came back with when I went to Japan 😛 All I want is a nice little place and sufficient to get by with some small luxuries. Which reminds me, I’m planning to go enjoy my favorite dim sum at Wah Lok over my birthday weekend. My mum is coming over to visit, so I’m counting on an extra pair of hands to let me enjoy my har gau in peace 🙂

5 Month Update

April 26, 2010

Calvin turned 5 months last week or 3 months corrected age. For preemies, I’ve read that we should use corrected age rather than actual age to gauge milestones.

This is what he is able to do now

  • Lifts head up 90 degrees
  • Tracks moving objects

He hasn’t been putting on weight well though. At our last checkup, his weight gain was about 300g/ month though his height increased by 3cm. Recently, his appetite is slightly better than before – slightly seems to be only 3% more than before so that’s probably still too little. I’ve been resorting to separating the foremilk and hindmilk and then siphoning out the fatty parts of the excess milk to make extra creamy milk. Oops he’s awake. Will continue again next time.