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The Night Shift

June 7, 2010

The new “Have-fun-till-we-drop” bedtime ritual was a success. Except that the past two days, his bath was a bit later than usual and he didn’t get to play much before 9pm. Which means he wasn’t too keen to sleep and by the time we manage to coax him to sleep it was well past his bed time. And he continued kept waking up crying for the hour after than maybe because he was overtired?

Anyway, he’s still waking up lot at night so we’ve settled for letting him take over our bed when he wakes up at night where he seem to sleep better. At least that’s better than sleeping on the sofa — for us I mean. Which also means that at any one time, one of us is sleeping in the room downstairs. Looks like he won’t be out of our bedroom anytime soon….

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Introducing Solids

June 5, 2010

Last weekend, I finally bit the bullet and bought the Avent Combined Steamer and Blender. As the name suggests, this little beauty can steam the food and then subsequently puree it. I was initially thinking of buying a separate steamer and hand blender since that will have a longer useful life than this small baby food blender. To my dismay, I found that all the steamers in the market had plastic covers and there are no recycling labels on them so I suspect that most of them are not made of BPA free plastic (i.e Recycling number 1,2,4,5). BPA is a big deal as it’s supposed to have estrogenic properties — already sounds like a terrible thing for a baby boy to be subjected to — and has been shown to have adverse effects on animals. As BPA leeches out much more readily at high temperatures, the normal commercial steamers would be a major loophole in my grand plan. I was going to buy a rice cooker that could also be used to steam but those were too bulky, so in the end I settled for this specialty blender instead.

I only found out about this whole BPA free issue when I got pregnant but I’m a convert through and through. I’ve since changed all our drinking bottles to polypropene ones and tossed out all those mineral water bottles that was in the fridge. I’ve also been avoiding canned food when I can. I can’t stop the maid from cooking from canned food though since I don’t own the household. So far, Calvin has been drinking only from glass bottles. It’s a bit more expensive but I haven’t had a problem with it breaking *keep my fingers crossed* It would be quite silly of me to avoid plastic baby bottles only to introduce it to him via his solids.

So far, I’ve used my new gadget to make him papaya and sweet potato puree but it looks like he’s not really ready for texture yet. Yesterday, he gagged on some of the sweet potato and barfed up whatever milk was left in his tummy. Looks like no more sweet potato for him for a while. I happily finished up the rest of it as my afternoon snack. Maybe he’s just like his daddy — allergic to healthy food! He was fine with the cereal I’ve been giving him though so maybe I continue with that and slowly thicken it.

When it comes to his food, I’m starting to become a health nut. I’m already thinking of what I can cook for him next time so he will enjoy nutritious food. I guess me and J are not exactly the healthiest eaters. We definitely consume a fair amount of junk food. Now that there’s someone who will be looking up to us and picking up our habits, plus the fact that we will both hit the big 3 soon, I feel like we should look after our health. I guess the guilt from snacking lots everyday is getting to me. Planning to go for a health screening soon, most likely after I stop breastfeeding since I’ve heard that breastfeeding may increase cholesterol levels. I have a feeling it won’t be too great… … I really look forward to having my own place someday soon. It’s just different to cook in your ow kitchen. Definitely beats having scrutinizing eyes and hot breath down your neck.

Becoming Mom

May 30, 2010

It’s true that you only start to understand how your parents loved you when you become a parent yourself. These days I like to reminisce about myself when I was young and wonder if my Calvin will be just the same. I remember sharing the bed with my mum and asking her to let me fall asleep first. And those mornings when I manja with my mum and ask her to piggy back me down the stairs. I also remember having a lot of different toys since I’m the last of the 3 kids, though not always in complete sets. My mum is the kind who wouldn’t bear to hit her kids, though she apparently scolded us so loudly, the whole street could hear her. It is a warm relationship I had with my mum since young and I hope that that’s how Calvin will remember his childhood days next time as well.

The past two nights, we experimented with playing with him before bedtime instead of trying to get him to sleep as soon as he eats. Usually he fusses and fusses and get all upset until he’s all tuckered out and falls asleep. It’s also tiring for us to sing his favorite “Twinkle, twinkle” for more than 30 mins while patting him and occasionally carrying him. Deciding to play with him and expend all that excess energy seems to be a good move. We had a lot of fun playing peekaboo on our bed. When he starts to look a bit sleepy, we put him back in his cot. He took about 10 mins to finally settle down but did not even fuss. It makes me happy that he seems contented. Sometimes when he’s all flustered, I feel bad that I can’t satisfy his needs. So hopefully this peaceful and happy bedtime will continue from now =)

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He’s Just a Baby

May 26, 2010

Calvin is still having very broken sleep at night. Which means we both have pretty crappy sleep as well. Usually J will take the first shift and I’ll deal with him after I pump at 4am until it’s wake up time. He’s been waking up 10+ times a night, but at least after yesterday’s flip-a-thon, he’s no longer flipping with his eyes closed!

The result of us having terrible sleep is that patience is in short supply. I sometimes get pretty frustrated like when he woke up at 6am the other day and all he wanted to do was flip. So he’ll go on his tummy, cry for help, I flip him back. Repeat ad nauseam until 7:30am when he got himself all tired and grumpy and wouldn’t stop crying. By that time, I was pretty fed up myself and probably wasn’t the best person to comfort him. Luckily, daddy came to his rescue. I felt pretty bad after that. After all, he’s just a little baby. He can’t help it if he gets all excited and can’t control himself. It’s not like he’s doing it to spite me. I guess when I thought about how helpless he is at comforting himself, my heart softens. After all, it’s just a little sleep. Why stress over it? I don’t think I’ll really die of exhaustion though I’m a little worried that I’m still losing weight. But at least a change in perspective really makes me happier especially since there’s nothing I can really do to change the situation, short of tossing him out of the window (not!)

6 Month Update

May 21, 2010

Baby Calvin just went for his last 6-in-1 jab today. His weight is now 6.75kg and is 65.5 cm tall which is pretty decent height and weight gain. With this, it will be his last vaccination until he turns one.

Today is also the day he flipped from his back to tummy. He’s been trying it out for days. Then just as I went to clean up some minor spit up, I came back to find him on his tummy. I was trying to coax him to do it again so I can get it on video. Ah I didn’t really need to. He was so pleased with himself, he kept flipping to his tummy even when I was trying to get him to take his nap. I was getting a bit worried about his lack of flipping actually. He managed to get from tummy to back a few times a couple of months ago, but didn’t seem keen at all to replicate it. But I guess he didn’t have much incentive to do so since he loves being on his tummy. Now as long as I move slightly above and behind his head, he’ll try and flip to his tummy to look at me. Sooooo cute!