Snippets of Last Week

We had uncharacteristically good weather last week so we ended up going out a whole lot.

On the Saturday before,  I went with him to the park near the library after lunch. We played a whole bunch, then went to the library and played some games on the computer and picked out more books. Then we took the bus home. It was a good 3+ hour outing.

On Monday, we had a play date with his friend, Cy at the park. His friend seemed to be under the weather (he didn’t go to school later that week) so was a little grumpy and tired that day so I’m not sure if they had a good time yesterday. In comparison, Calvin was a total energizer bunny and wanted to run all around playing tag.


On Tuesday, we went for a nature hike at a new park. We picked up some shiny looking slate for our rock collection. Calvin could grab a whole car full if we let him. He was like a little magpie, going “Oh, this one looks shiny” “And this one too!”. We had to pry him away from the pile of rocks at the beginning of the trail so we could actually start our walk. The path led us to parallel to a river and under several bridges. We saw a woodpecker along the way though the trail was cut off by the river and we had to turn back. It was just about the right distance since Mr Calvin was beginning to tire at that point, especially after climbing over the rocky areas. He also enjoyed himself kicking the sandy patch under the bridge and even managed to climb up a steep concrete slope by himself, just because he wanted to. I guess he is getting to be an adventurous boy. We went to a bagel shop for lunch after that. To our surprise, we met the twins from his school. They sat at the table next to ours and the kids had the silliest time saying things like ‘Milk Calvin’, ‘Milk table’ ‘Milk chair’ and milk anything that they saw. At one point, their conversation went like this.

Twin 1: ” We had a bouncy house at the gym. Do you have a bouncy house at your house?”

Calvin: “We went for a walk today”

Twin 1: “We went to school today”


On Wednesday, he went to school but his best buddy wasn’t around. Later, when he came home, he decided to write a note to his friend who didn’t come to school ” I hope you can come to my school. Because I love you and I miss you when you are not in school. Signed, Calvin” I wasn’t so sure about the I love you part, but I figured kids this age probably doesn’t mind.

Somewhere along the week, he

1. Fell off the potty seat while in a rush to pee, because he didn’t put it on well. Miraculously, he got back on without any crying even though he said he bumped his head. Meanwhile, both of us were downstairs. Then finally I heard him wailing “Mama, I had two accidents” and was crying very sadly. We ran up and found out that because he fell off, he couldn’t hold it in before he got on the potty and had pee all over the stool and floor. The poor sweet boy…

2.  Corrected his teacher that that it’s not no gravity on the moon, it’s weak gravity. Someone obviously has been paying close attention to his Popular Mechanic for Kids videos.

3.  Not sure if this was in this week but he made a joke while mama and papa were playing around with a ball.

Calvin: Papa, could you focus on me with your eyes closed?

Calvin: I’m just kidding. Papa, could you focus on looking at me build Lego?


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